• Volvo - A Leap into the Unknown (prod Superstudio)
  • Craft Sportswear - Faster than Time (prod Superstudio)
  • Volvo - Accessories (prod Superstudio)
  • Polestar - Discreetly Bold (prod Superstudio)
  • Scorett - Sabina Ddumba (prod Superstudio)
  • Somnolence - Trailer (prod Superstudio)

Daniel Mattiasson, director for commercial productionDaniel Mattiasson is a director for film and commercial production based in Stockholm, educated in London. His approach for film and story-telling begins with figuring out exactly ‘How the project should feel and be experienced’. Once the essence of the emotion is established, Daniel creates the structure for an elegant and powerful impact.

This has led to high class visuals, awarded short films and commercials for clients such as Volvo Cars, Polestar, Hasselblad, Craft, Lindex and many more.