Saville Productions, founded by Rupert Maconick, is an established entertainment company that has produced hundreds of advertising campaigns for big brands with high-profile filmmakers, including: Martin Campbell (Casino Royale), Paul Haggis (Crash), Barry Levinson (Rain Man), Werner Herzog (Grizzly Man), and many others. Saville Productions, 489 Carroll Avenue, Venice, CA 90291, T \ 310.828.1478, developing, creating, producing, projects, advertising, film, TV, branded, content, videogames, prominent, award-winning, commercial, feature film, directors, brand content , branded entertainment, sponsored entertainment.

Saville Productions Signs Oscar-Nominated Director Dan Krauss

01 / 05 / 2018


Venice-based production company Saville Productions has signed two-time Academy Award-nominated documentary film director Dan Krauss for U.S. branded content representation. Krauss has built an accolade-studded career, winning The Grand Jury Prize for Best Documentary at the Tribeca Film Festival and the Truer than Fiction Independent Spirit Award for his feature The Kill Team. The film also garnered nominations from the Director’s Guild of America and the Emmy Awards, was shortlisted for an Academy Award, and has been adapted into an upcoming feature film directed by Krauss and starring Alexander Skarsgård. Krauss’ most recent film, Extremis, won the jury award at Tribeca, was an official selection at the Telluride Film Festival, and debuted in September as Netflix’s first-ever short documentary.

Krauss has additionally directed a feature documentary film financed by a major brand for Saville Productions, which will start its film festival run in 2018. The film opportunity was spearheaded by Rupert Maconick, Founder/Executive Producer at Saville Productions.

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Robert Gordon wins an Emmy Award for Best of Enemies!

10 / 13 / 2017


Director Robert Gordon won an Emmy Award for Best Historical Documentary for his film Best of Enemies. Robert’s most recent documentary is Best of Enemies, co-directed with Morgan Neville, is a film about the enmity between William F. Buckley Jr. and Gore Vidal, and how it played out nationally on television in 1968, its ramifications shaping today’s media landscape.

Robert is also a Grammy Award-winning writer. He is the author of 6 books, and producer/director of 8 feature documentaries. He has focused on the American south—its music, art, and politics—to create an insider’s portrait of his home that is both nuanced and ribald.

His other films as director/producer include Stranded In Canton, a collaboration with photographer William Eggleston, and Respect Yourself: The Stax Records Story, a story of the Civil Rights Movement and the rise of Black Power through the lens of southern soul music. Johnny Cash’s America featured interviews with former Vice President Al Gore and US Senator Lamar Alexander, and with Snoop Dogg and Ozzy Osbourne. It examines ideas of justice, penance and faith, spiritual and national, through the life of Johnny Cash.

Independent Lens Wins Four 2017 News and Documentary Emmys.

‘Suicide Squad 2’: Gavin O’Connor to Write and Direct Sequel

09 / 16 / 2017


Gavin O’Connor is on board to write the sequel to “Suicide Squad,” and is also in talks to direct the film that stars Will Smith, Margot Robbie, and Jared Leto.

The movie is a top priority at Warner Bros. and looks to be one of the two DC properties (the other being New Line’s “Shazam!”) to begin production next year. Given the ensemble’s busy schedule, the shoot wasn’t expected to start until fall of 2018. So while there’s still time, the studio is eager to get someone on board to pen a script.

Zach Penn wrote a previous draft.

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Filmmaker Ondi Timoner Joins Saville For Spots, Branded Content

08 / 08 / 2017


Saville Productions has signed award-winning documentary, film and commercial director Ondi Timoner for commercials and branded content in the U.S. Timoner is currently shooting the biopic Mapplethorpe, to be released in 2018, starring Matt Smith as Robert Mapplethorpe, Marianne Rendón as Patti Smith and John Benjamin Hickey as Sam Wagstaff. Mapplethorpe portrays the famed portrait photographer’s humble beginnings in New York City, his rocky road to success and his subsequent controversies alongside other creatives of the ‘70s and ‘80s artistic era, prior to his untimely death in 1989.

The signature of Timoner’s projects is a focus on “impossible visionaries” who prevail against personal and cultural odds. Her slate of documentary and film work includes Dig! (2004), Join Us (2007), We Live In Public (2009), Cool It (2010), Brand: A Second Coming (2015) and the recently released 10 hour Viceland documentary series Jungletown.

Timoner has received the honor of double Grand Jury Prize wins at the Sundance Film Festival: the first for her 2004 documentary Dig!, reflecting the oftentimes contentious relationship between the bands The Dandy Warhols and The Brian Jonestown Massacre, and the second for her 2009 feature We Live In Public on Internet entrepreneur Josh Harris. Her dynamic directorial style challenges viewers to connect with characters and in turn face their own deep-seeded dilemmas.

Timoner’s commercialmaking credits span such brands as Honda, Ford, McDonald’s, Go Army and State Farm. She had earlier been repped in the ad arena by RadicalMedia, and prior to that Nonfiction Unlimited.

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Food, Inc. Director Robert Kenner Joins Saville For 1st Spot Representation

07 / 11 / 2017


Robert Kenner–a DGA Award nominee in 2010 for Food, Inc., which also earned him a Best Documentary Feature Oscar nomination–has landed his first representation as a commercialmaker, joining the directorial roster of Venice-based Saville Productions.

Food, Inc. examines corporate farming and the unhealthy agribusiness practices that plague the overall health of Americans and is harmful to the environment, employees and animals. The film scored assorted other honors including winning the Gotham Award for Best Documentary and being nominated for a Film Independent Spirit Award for Outstanding Documentary.

In addition to the much lauded Food, Inc., Kenner also directed and served as a producer on the “Two Days in October” episode of American Experience, which won a primetime Emmy for Exceptional Merit in Nonfiction Filmmaking in 2006. His other prestigious documentaries include Merchants of Doubt, When Strangers Click, and Command and Control, the latter winning him (along with Erc Schlosser, Brian Pearle and Kim Roberts) a Writers Guild Award for Best Documentary Screenplay this year. Merchants of Doubt earned Kenner a Producers Guild Award nomination for Outstanding Producer of Documentary Theatrical Motion Pictures in 2015.

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Werner Herzog’s Lo and Behold tops the list on Wired’s Best Documentaries on Netflix UK!

07 / 07 / 2017


Produced and edited by Werner Herzog, this 98-minute documentary from the German writer explores where the internet came from and where it’s going next. The upfront confrontations see Herzog seek out hermits who avoid the internet, those who have been trolled online, robotic footballer players and how artificial intelligence is changing everything. Oh, and there’s an interview with Elon Musk where Herzog commits to going to Mars.

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Saville productions: lessons in branded long and short-form film, TV and documentaries

06 / 28 / 2017


Rupert Maconick, Martin Campbell, Jody Raida and Dan Salzman offer advice on brand sponsored entertainment and give insight into how brands can tell stories like Hollywood filmmakers.

Rupert Maconick’s suggestion for brands to make their campaigns feel less like adverts was to hire a script writer and film director who do TV and film, then you’ll be increasing the chance people will watch. If it’s a documentary, he’d advised doing research with a proper documentary research team. The subjects will be free of charge and you won’t have to pay an ad agency.
Ultimately he explained that the processes of filming documentaries, TV and film are different to creating adverts – that’s the main difference. To balance the promo with editorial in either film or documentary, Maconick said the promo has to be authentic to the story ‘some of it’s pretty obvious’ he concluded.

Saville Productions recently produced ‘Lo and Behold’ with Werner Herzog as Director, which just won two Cannes Lions. The clients for this were brave, he said. His role in the collaboration was to answer the brief and find interesting stories (it’s a documentary). Werner had the final cut with this – ‘if you hire someone like this you have to let them run with it’ Maconick said. ‘But Werner listened and was opened to suggestions’. At the beginning they had no idea they’d get Elon Musk, a hacker or those addicted to the internet, and so on. There were 30 billion impressions in the year it was released.

Talking about distribution Maconick said: ‘The best way to get a distributor behind your content is to get them to pay a lot of money. So Magnolia paid for ‘Lo and Behold’. There was no media buy – and the distributor sent all their money to recoup the original advance they made.’

HP Inc, the technology company have created a digital series called The Wolf. The second series launched 1st June. Dan Salzman explained how HP is reinventing itself and as this is an emotional message they decided to create a story about IT security, as it impacts everyone. The message was that you can hack in to a network through a printer, a very difficult message to get across, yet they connected to customers in an emotional way. It was a spin off with Christian Slater from The Robot because it’s popular with their target audience, given the topic.

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Lo and Behold wins 2 Gold Lions and a Silver Lion at Cannes Lion Entertainment!

06 / 23 / 2017


Saville’s Lo and Behold directed by Werner Herzog wins 2 Gold Lions and a Silver Lion at Cannes Lion Entertainment!! Ad Agency: Periera & O’Dell.

Congrats to director Judd Ehrlich for taking home the Bronze Lion for Dick’s Sporting Good’s “Keepers of the Game”!

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Saville Productions Signs Director John Waters

06 / 19 / 2017

"My early films look terrible!" says filmmaker John Waters. "I didn't know what I was doing. I learned when I was doing it. I never went to film school." Waters, who is known for films such as the outlandish Pink Flamingos and Hairspray, has written a new book, Carsick.

Venice-based production company Saville Productions has signed legendary film director John Waters for commercial and branded entertainment representation. The writer/director/actor helmed such iconic cult films as Independent Spirit Awards winner Hairspray, Pecker and his debut film Pink Flamingos, the first of a series of low-budget shock films made with his Dreamland repertory company including the actor known as Divine. Waters joins Saville Productions’ roster of acclaimed filmmakers, including: Martin Campbell (Casino Royale), Paul Haggis(Crash) and many others.

Notes Saville Productions Executive Producer Rupert Maconick, “John Waters is a unique film maker and would be a great partner for brands who want a campaign that  truly stand outs.”

Adds Waters, “I love the idea of directing commercials because it is the opposite of ‘auteur’ work. My name’s not even on the finished product but if I do a good job, the viewer will still suspect I had something to do with it.”


Saville Productions Acquires Rights To David Goldblatt’s Soccer History Book ‘The Ball Is Round’

06 / 12 / 2017


Rupert Maconick’s production company, Saville Productions, has acquired the worldwide rights to sports journalist David Goldblatt’s definitive history of soccer, The Ball is Round, and its upcoming sequel The Game at the End of the World. Saville will release a documentary series based on the books next year, coinciding with the 2018 World Cup, and is currently seeking a brand partner for the series.

The Guardian calls Goldblatt’s work stunning. “Quite simply, The Ball is Round takes soccer history to a new level.” The Times Literary Supplement says, “Goldblatt writes with authority, humor and passion. There is no doubting the worth of his extraordinary book, The Ball is Round.”

The Ball is Round and The Game at the End of the World explore the history of the world through soccer. Featuring the stories of a fantastical cast of angels and devils, geniuses and journeyman, fallen giants and rising stars, the books are a chronicle of incredible triumphs, lucky escapes, impossible comebacks and stubborn stalemates. Above all, the books are a history of how soccer and the forces of money and power have interacted.

“It’s unusual–there are many great documentaries about basketball, NFL, baseball and countless other sports,” said Rupert Maconick, “but very few documentaries about soccer.”

Saville Productions has previously fused business models from the advertising and entertainment industries to fund documentary projects, including the documentary feature Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World, directed by Academy Award-nominated director Werner Herzog and produced in partnership with Netscout. Maconick sees this documentary series on soccer as a unique opportunity for brands, networks and platforms looking to reach the global soccer audience with compelling storytelling that appeals to viewers.

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