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Cannes Film Review: ‘5B’

05 / 18 / 2019


“It was a wonderful place where you could go to die — but it doesn’t take away from the fact that they died.” This is how one interviewee describes 5B, the trailblazing San Francisco hospital ward that pioneered a more humane method of nursing AIDS sufferers during the epidemic’s paranoid 1980s zenith, affording terminal patients the care, understanding and even affection often denied them in a bigoted outside world. It’s a quote that sums up the approach of Dan Krauss and Paul Haggis’s straight-for-the-tear-ducts documentary “5B,” which seeks first-hand inspiration and optimism amid the wreckage of an unavoidably bleak chapter in recent American history. Interviewing nurses, survivors and even one of the ward’s most viciously homophobic detractors to evoke the frenzied us-against-them mentality that once defined a now-manageable disease, it’s conventional, occasionally maudlin docmaking that nonetheless grips the heart exactly when it needs to.

Set to hit U.S. theaters on June 14 through Verizon Media outlet Ryot — following a canny Stateside premiere on the opening night of Los Angeles Pride — “5B” will doubtless find an especially large and receptive audience on streaming platforms. Cinematically, it may be best remembered as the first nonfiction directing credit for Haggis, albeit shared with more seasoned docmaker Krauss (a two-time Oscar nominee for short subjects). For the “Crash” helmer, it’s less of a departure than you might think: Never one to shy away from either blunt-force feeling or well-wrangled viewer manipulation, he’s in his element with a slick, audience-minded doc that, on several occasions, times and withholds key revelations for surprise effect and maximum emotional payoff.

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Saville Production’s 5B documentary directed by Dan Krauss will be screening at Cannes!

05 / 14 / 2019

Cannes 2019: Screen’s guide to the Competition, Out Of Competition, Midnight Screening and Special Screening titles

5B (US) – Dir. Dan Krauss
Premiering at Doc Stories in San Francisco last November, 5B is named for the ward at San Francisco General Hospital where Aids patients were treated in the 1980s. Bono will travel to Cannes to show support for this documentary, which tells the stories of care-givers helping deal with the Aids crisis. Director Krauss is Oscar-nominated for shorts The Death Of Kevin Carter: Casualty Of The Bang Bang Club (2006) and Extremis (2016). Rupert Maconick produces for Saville Productions.
Contact: Rupert Maconick, Saville Productions

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J&J-backed film about early AIDS nurses picked up for broader distribution

05 / 10 / 2019

“5B,” documentary commissioned by Johnson & Johnson about a compassionate AIDS ward in San Fransisco in the early 1980s was picked up for wider release. Produced by Saville Productions.

The film, “5B,” was picked up by Verizon Media and its entertainment studio RYOT for broader distribution in theaters and on demand. It focuses on the nurses who founded and opened the first AIDS ward at San Francisco General Hospital, called Ward 5B.

Verizon and RYOT, currently in the news for its celebrity-laden Lil Dicky song “Earth” and animated video collaboration, will debut “5B” at a premiere at LA Pride in June, with a theatrical release that same month. After that, the film will be released internationally, with a video-on-demand rollout in the fall. “5B” has also been selected for screening at the Cannes Film Festival.

Verizon said it will amplify the movie with “additional immersive content experiences using technology to enhance the story, compassion and humanity showcased by the nurses and caregivers at the forefront of the film.”

The film was created by Oscar-nominated director Dan Krauss and Saville Productions, which is known for its branded ad and film work. The documentary looks back to 1983, when extraordinary healthcare workers literally built the AIDS wing and compassionately cared for patients at a time when HIV and AIDS were spreading fast but still wildly misunderstood.

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Saville Productions signs director Julien Zenier

05 / 01 / 2019


Award-winning production company Saville Productions has signed multifaceted director Julien Zenier for his first U.S. commercial and branded entertainment representation.

Zenier is a visually-driven director with a slate of award-winning projects across a wide range of genres including high-fashion, fragrance, lifestyle, luxury car and music, among others. His cinematic visual language fused with poignant intensity has been behind content for top national and global brands including BMW, Levi’s, Agent Provocateur, Peugeot, Thierry Mugler and Azzaro. He has also collaborated with top agencies including JWT, TBWA, Y&R and PublicisEtNous.

After attending film school in Madrid, Zenier honed his craft by passionately pursuing a diverse collection of director projects, ensuring that he was constantly challenged to push the boundaries on his artistic approach. This dexterous creative aesthetic led to his feature filmmaking debut with the shocker short-film SNIP, which was developed in one year– and went on to draw high praises across the film festival circuit for its uncompromising vision. He later relocated to the fashion capital of the world, Paris, where he collaborated on top fragrance and fashion campaigns.

Drawn to projects that bring artistry to light, Zenier has also directed music videos for independent artists, and has published his photography in the art book Tierra and Sacred.

“Julien’s work can be seen across a wide-range of industries. His creative versatility and filmmaking experience is truly impressive,” notes Saville Productions Executive Producer Rupert Maconick. “His unique understanding of branded content for global brands combined with his multifaceted skill set is perfectly suited for today’s advertising industry.”

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Saville Productions signs director Patrick Sisam

04 / 10 / 2019


Award-winning production company Saville Productions has signed versatile director Patrick Sisam for his first U.S. commercial and branded entertainment representation. Sisam is a talented director, producer and writer with a slate of entertainment work that spans commercials, TV and digital series, feature films and short films that can be found on HBO, Amazon Prime Video, BBC and others. His directorial experience and understanding of traditional and nontraditional branded content is well suited for the ever-evolving advertising industry, and helping brands create authentic sponsored entertainment.

Sisam has honed a truth-driven approach that fuses his background as a journalist, advertising creative and filmmaker. His dexterous creative aesthetic, which aims to strip narratives of preconceived notions and reveal fresh perspectives and insights–can be seen in content for top brands including BMW, Toyota, Nike, Quaker, The Body Shop, Telus, among many others.

Drawn to projects–both scripted and unscripted–that exemplify creative storytelling and authenticity, Sisam is currently directing the Amazon Prime Video documentary series Vacations of the Brave, which follows the journey of courageous individuals on an adventurous road of self-discovery. Prior to that, he directed and produced the BBC documentary series Stories Without Borders and also wrote and directed the short film The Pool Date for CBC and Bravo. His feature The Year of Getting to Know Us, starring Sharon Stone, Lucy Liu and Jimmy Fallon, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. His short Love Child garnered industry attention and earned numerous international film festival awards and was bought by HBO.

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Brand Film Festival NY 2019: Officially selected films revealed

04 / 01 / 2019


Johnson & Johnson and UM Studios with Saville Productions was selected for the Brand Film Festival!

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Lexus made a 60,000-hour documentary (that it knows you won’t watch) Unless you have, uh, seven years to kill.

03 / 07 / 2019


Lexus’ Takumi directed with Saville’s director Clay Jeter (Top Chef) featured in Fast Company!

Last year, Lexus made a commercial that was scripted completely with artificial intelligence. Directed by Oscar-winner Kevin McDonald (The Last King of Scotland), the ad was designed to show how technology could use intuition to influence the creative process. The spot itself? It was just all right.

Now Lexus has swung waaaay back to the other end of the scale, embracing the idea of human master craftsmanship—specifically, what’s known in Japan as Takumi. It takes roughly 60,000 hours to reach a Takumi level of artisanal expertise, and to illustrate that commitment, the brand has made a 60,000-hour documentary that profiles four Japanese craftspeople: a carpenter, a chef, a traditional paper-cutting artist, and an automotive craftsman who works for, you guessed it, Lexus.

It’s not 60,000 hours of unique footage. It would take one crew 30 years to shoot that. But with agency The&Partnership and director Clay Jeter (Chef’s Table), the brand made short film sequences of three to five minutes following the Takumi artisans as they went about their daily business. Those sequences are looped, over and over for 20,000 hours each, making a 60,000-hour film with 54 minutes of documentary and 20 minutes of looped footage. If you hit Play on the online version, the film would run nonstop for seven years.

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03 / 05 / 2019


Lexus’ Takumi directed with Saville’s director Clay Jeter (Top Chef) featured in Ad Age!

Lexus is emphasizing its dedication to craftsmanship with a documentary about Japanese master artisanship that’s 60,000 hours long.

Launching on Amazon Prime on March 19th, “Takumi: a 60,000 hour story of the survival of human craft” takes the idea of “slow TV” to extremes. Claimed to be the longest documentary ever produced, it is intended to immerse the viewer in the worlds of four Japanese master craftspeople who spend 60,000 hours (30 years working eight hours a day) to achieve “Takumi” or master artisan status.

The documentary was created by Lexus’s U.K. agency The&Partnership and was directed by Clay Jeter, director of “Chef’s Table.” Narrated by former British Museum director Neil Macgregor, it profiles master craftspeople Shigeo Kiuchi, 67, a master in “Miyadaiku,” an ancient form of carpentry; Michelin starred chef Hisato Nakahigashi; master paper-cutter Nahoko Kojima and finally Katsuaki Suganuma, a “Takumi” who has worked at Lexus for 32 years and carries out final inspections on the production line.

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Saville Executive Producer Rupert Maconick in Shoot: 2019 Production Outlook

02 / 15 / 2019


1) The most important business lesson that I’ve taken from 2018 is that fewer and fewer people are watching ads due to consumers now having a wide-range of commercial-free viewing options. Consumers can no longer be forced to watch traditional advertisements and branded content. To engage these viewers, advertisers must produce work that consumers want to watch—i.e. authentic pieces of entertainment, like films, series and documentaries.

2) In 2019, more media companies will see that pushing branded content on consumers with a media buy is a deeply flawed advertising method. Brands can’t simply buy eyeballs. There are more suitable ways for advertisers to build authentic relationships with consumers, and that is by producing projects that consumers will choose to watch.

3) At Saville, our goal for 2019 is to continue to help advertisers transition from creating ads to creating entertainment. We are also excited to develop a number of upcoming entertainment projects based upon the social and environmental initiatives of major brands.

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Shopify launches TV and film production studio focused on entrepreneurs

01 / 28 / 2019


E-commerce company Shopify has launched Shopify Studios, a full-service television and film content development and production house that will focus on the stories of entrepreneurs.

Shopify (NYSE: SHOP), which has more than 600,000 merchants who use its services in designing and managing their businesses, said the division will be “dedicated to inspiring entrepreneurship through entertaining, thought-provoking storytelling.”

Shopify Studios will partner with production companies to develop, produce and finance an array of projects for streaming platforms and traditional networks.

The company said it already has deals with Anonymous Content, Spoke Studios (part of Brent Montgomery’s Wheelhouse Entertainment), and Saville Productions, the production company behind Werner Herzog’s “Lo and Behold: Reveries of a Connected World “and “From One Second to the Next,” to develop entrepreneur-focused docu-series and feature-length documentaries.

“Behind every product, system, and modern convenience that makes the world turn is an entrepreneur with an idea,” Shopify Studios head Jason Badal said in a statement. “The entrepreneurial mindset has fueled discoveries, built industries, and led to every significant innovation that’s shaped our society. We believe that spirit is inherent and present among us all, whether we realize it or not, and Shopify Studios’ content aims to inspire the next wave of creators and iconoclasts to embrace and manifest the possibilities before them.”

“Shopify is leading a path of innovation for how companies approach entertainment content, and we are very excited to partner with them to inspire entrepreneurship through storytelling,” said Saville Productions founder and Executive Producer Rupert Maconick. “Our mission has always been to create content that provides true entertainment value, and Shopify Studios’ commitment to developing narratives that are thought-provoking and entertain viewers makes it a perfect synergy.”

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