While spending his formative years in India and in various cities in Canada Wayne nurtured an appreciation for the human condition both tragic and funny. What he discovered was that In spite of our differences the truth about us can usually be found in our similarities.

Following a successful academic career at Ryerson University (winning awards for Music Videos and Radio Commercials, as well as, creating a much loved 20 minute radio documentary on The Three Stooges) Wayne was set loose with his Degree.

Never one to take the path of least resistance Wayne began working in the commercial industry at the bottom. ‘He was one hell of a P.A. and he wasn’t too bad at Video Assist either!’ The one major advantage it gave him was that it allowed him to work with some of the best directors in the world during the late 80’s and early 90’s.

Finally, after shooting two spec spots Wayne got the chance to direct a ‘real’ commercial. Amazingly, that first ad won a Lion at Cannes. Since that time the awards have piled up; from ‘The London International’ to ‘Creative Arts; from Bessies to his latest campaign Clio, the awards now number over 70.

Wayne has worked with many of the world’s leading agencies in places as diverse as Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico, Russia, South Africa, Canada and the United States.

Wayne recently directed his first Super bowl commercial. TaxAct’s ‘Free to Pee’ was considered one of the year’s favorite ads. It was featured on ‘The Today Show’ and the Huffington Post ranked it as their number one spot in the broadcast. Also, look for Wayne’s award winning new spot about belly button lint for Science World… It’s flammable.