Alejandro is based in Spain and began directing commercials at an early age. In his long career, he has founded two production companies (Hangar 18 & Propaganda) and worked exclusively with many others in Spain (Group Films, Ovideo, Quad) and internationally. His extensive archive consists of hundreds of commercials, music videos, documentaries that he has directed, including two feature films, Capitan Trueno (2006) and Independencia (2008).

He has concentrated his strengths primarily on the international market, working primarily in France with Quad Production, and also in markets such as Russia, USA, China, Dubai, Lebanon, Turkey, Italy, Germany, Mexico, Morocco, South Africa, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Romania, and Japan. He has shot with numerous production companies in these markets, Park Production Moscow, Dago Moscow, Playroom NY, Great Guns LA, The Shanghai Job, New Life and Gwantsi, Videorama Casablanca, MovieMagic Italy, Filmworks Dubai, The Asylum South Africa, to name but a few.

This experience has allowed Alejandro to enjoy a wonderful cross over of cultures that has enriched him both as a professional as well as a human being.

As the range of his work demonstrates, he is interested in all genres and believes that a good professional needs to have the ability to be enthusiastic about everything and always look for new ideas to undertake, being in with the latest trends and always diversifying, not only in the world of advertising, but also in the world of technology, architecture, art (video and installation) and above all of course, the world of cinema.

What most interests Alejandro are the endless possibilities in manifesting the depth of human emotions onto film, entangling human stories with real characters and the ability to achieve narrative simplicity for even the most complex of ideas, a sentiment that is reflected in his latest works.